Egeria's Approach

Who We Are?

Egeria Publishing is more than just another scientific publishing company. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of reliable information in a digital era for the advancement of sciences. Our mission is driven by your research and our ambition to provide visibility to that valuable work at actual cost for open access publishing, indexing, and archiving.

We collaborate with you to ensure your work gets the attention it deserves and has the impact in the scientific community. We work with you collaboratively to produce strategic content and support your messaging through indexing and social outreach efforts. We have over 30 years of experience in developing content, engaging scientific illustrations, and supporting custom publishing solutions. Egeria Publishing provides a reliable platform for scientific engagement and new perspectives on digital publishing.

The Future of Digital Publishing™

  • Egeria Publishing is a global publisher of open access books, journals, and conference proceeding, delivering the highest quality work worldwide.
  • We strongly believe that your work is valuable to the scientific community and everyone should have an equal opportunity to voice their scientific opinions.
  • We understand that time sensitive nature of the scientific breakthroughs and we pride ourselves in the fastest turnaround time from submission to publishing than any other journal or publisher around the globe.