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Antihypertensive and Antilipemic Medication Use Reduces Outpatient Expenditures Among Adults

Chopra A, Chopra I
Journal of Health Outcomes Research

The article highlights the importance of concomitant pharmacotherapy with respect to reduction in all-cause outpatient expenditures in individuals with co-existing hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Cost-benefit analysis of the rubella vaccination in Japan to prevent con-genital rubella syndrome: analyses from three perspectives

Itanani C et al.
Journal of Health Economic Evaluations

There is no effective cost value for the couples’ program from the recipient’s perspective. Incidence, vaccination costs, and subsidy are relatively sensitive parameters for rubella vaccination in Japan. Overall, the female program is preferable to the couples’ program.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Among Latinos in Puerto Rico

Vera M et al.
Journal of Health Outcomes Research

The high prevalence of probable PTSD and low use of mental health treatment among inner city primary care patients in this study, highlight the need of future research to obtain information on how to effectively target and treat Latino primary care patients in need of treatment for PTSD.

Patient Preferences in Evidence-Informed Community Wound Care: A Cohort Study

Harrison MB et al.
Journal of Health Outcomes Research

With outcomes being similar, health care planners and decision-makers, as well as individuals and their families, can feel confident that the setting of care does not impact the outcomes for patients requiring wound care.

Uterine Volume in Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Uterine Leiomyomas

Shigemitsu A et al.
Journal of Health Outcomes Research

There seems to be no limitation of uterine volume in TLH for uterine leiomyomas because TLH is safer than TAH except for the longer surgical duration.

Theoretical Basis, Effects, and Cost-effectiveness of Online Smoking Cessation Interventions in the Netherlands: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Cheung KL et al.
Journal of Health Economic Evaluations

Although internet may provide an opportunity to offer various smoking cessation programs, the user is left bewildered as far as efficacy is concerned, clear regulations about the effectiveness of these interventions need to be devised to avoid disappointment and failed quitting attempts.

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